A Holistic Journey

For everybody wishing to achieve deeper awareness of their holistic selves, using the voice as a compass towards more well being.


Singing has always been my second nature. Life without it would be unthinkable! I soon realised that my own sound kept me healthy, raised my vibration and cleansed emotional blockages. Allowed me to process quickly through difficult patches in my life. Early on my Audicene began stating that my Sound not only elevated them and brought them joy, but healed them as well. I started exploring with my Voice as my truest companion. I realised that the timbre in my sound awakened a deep awareness in others. Like a magical doorway opened up that reactivated unique Codes within my listeners, consciously or unconsciously. The core of my Sound went into their dissonance and broke down and disrupted blockages and old paradigm. I also realised that my role is not solemnly to clear dissonance in others but also cleanse space. Halls, churches and private space.  I feel very close to the Divine Mother Energy and sing e.g. Ave Marias to connect deeply with the fertile feminine source in concerts. I tune into my Audience by choosing Songs/Arias spontaneously. In very special Healing Concerts I improvise and sing songs A cappella. Only by allowing myself to step out of the Classical Box did I manage to unleash my own magical Sound.  I am ready to serve you with my Sound!

Reactivate the Codes to your unique genius and treasure within through Sound!

Bridging the classical world of Opera with the Spiritual world.

Sound is so incredibly powerful! For spreading joy, healing and raising your vibration. When you achieve making a sound in perfect balance of breath and tone, the tone brilliance can bring about huge changes within you and others. My aim is to guide you, a Singer or Non-Singer, to become sufficient and self reliable with your own Voice. Be your own Master. To be aware of your own holistic self and learn how to work with your unique energy through your Sound. The voice never lies!

Get your VOICE ANALYSIS for your Speaking and Singing!

8 Weeks of Private Online Sessions to get you started!

The beginning steps of getting in touch with your amazing healing tool, your Voice. We build the technical vocal foundation so that you can connect to the treasure within and reactivate your unique Codes through your Sound. Get in touch with your Feminine and Masculine energies and how they can contribute in restoring your balance and raise your awareness of your well being. The sessions will be connected to your private FB group where your recorded sessions (if you wish) will be posted and other kinds of guidance via videos and other kind of material to support your process. 




For 6 - 8 participants. Can also be in a home or a small hall. You can book your own Event!
NEW! Also available as a Private Session!

Through my voice I reactivate special, often deep within, Codes that awaken in you your own healing power, awareness of the balance of your Feminine and Masculine energies and cleansing of stagnatad energy. 


For further information or to book an event

3 months Online Energy Container for Vocal self mastery and healing!
Next one 21.11.2020

Reactivate your unique and powerful Codes and get in touch with your inner treasure. Unleash your magnificent Vocal power! Learn a solid Vocal Technique and at the same time use your own Sound to heal. Dive into that inner darkness, embrace it, embody and express it with the support of Halo Breathing and your Own Sound.  Work with your Feminine and Masculine Energies and Awareness of your whole Being. Raise your vibration in a supportive Environment with a small Group Online and through Private Sessions.  

Tailor made Individual Retreat in Terra Selvatica in Umbria, Italy.
13.-27. of February 2021
01.-15. of May 2021

Chrysalis is a stage of the metamorphosis where growth and differentiation occurs. It is a phase with little movement and concentration to the innermost core. To the divine being. Source. Creation. It is the stillpoint where New Life takes form. It is the space of complete surrender to the Highest and a commitment to the New to come. 

In the Chrysalis retreat you will dive deep into this stillpoint to find your own inner wisdom and guidance and feel how you become the New form. In an alchemy of surrender, commitment and creation you will (re-)connect to your true essence, to Source, and embody it. You will recognize yourself as divine being and find your unique genius and gifts to offer to the world – and yourself. This is the beginning of a New way of living with a holistic and spiritual approach and the awareness of being a co-creator and manifestator of the New Consciousness. Whole (holy), ONE and ALL. 

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