Soulflowsinging Retreat for Singers

Soulflowsinging Retreat for Classical Singers

23.-30. June 2020 in Terra Selvatica, Umbria, Italy

"When a singer becomes a true servant to the art of singing the soulflow takes over and shines through the being. The personality then steps aside and allows the higher energy to flow through when performing. This is achieved in practicing selflessness and connection to the higher realm by knowing thyself on an energy bases as a being. Using a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit with the voice as a compass on well being. When the soul is allowed to be the leading force and the personality the server, the singer experiences a heightened state of being while performing that is usually a sensation of letting go. In this state of being there is little or no stress, stage fright, since the performing is an act of surrendering to the higher. In order to achieve this balance, the singer needs to do structural preparations for her instrument, the voice. Get a solid vocal technique, know her music and such, take care of the body, be in balance with the emotional landscape and practice peace within in order to be able to let go for the soul to take over."

This is an intime and intense Retreat/Workshop establising a solid vocal technique foundation and freedom in performing. Unleashing the magnificent power that is within YOU, the Singer, through Self mastery, Soulcommunication, Healing and Self care.  To learn how to use the VOICE as a compass for the well being of BODY – MIND and increased SOULFLOW, that then mirrors in the Voice. Strenghtens the performance skills and elevates joy of singing. Individual needs will be met through Vocal training, interpretation of repertoire, voice analysis of speaking and singing voices, meditation, improvisation, voice embodiment, healing work with the voice in group sessions, individual sessions as needed.

Accommodation and Pricing

Price for the Soulflowsinging Workshop: Early Bird 3.300 Euro – deadline 01.04.2020
Price after 01.04.2020 3.800 Euro
All included for the Retreat except flights, plus 5 Online Sessions. Transportation from train station is included.


Deadline for registration is 03.05.2020

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