Dear Beautiful Soul

I will not promise you the dream job, the dream partner, the big house, the expensive car nor seven figure salary.

I do not believe in Quick fix or a problem free life!

I do believe that every one of us has a unique and individual journey, full of challenges, opportunities and purpose. And that it is up to ourselves how we use these gifts in life and how we react to different situations that life throws at us. I believe that healing those parts of us that are in disharmony within, right under the surface, ready to be healed and transformed, is the way forward. The way that will bring about a change and invite new circumstances into our lives. The more we heal, release and transform the more well being we create into our daily existence.

Nothing against having your dreams come true at all. But instead of chasing these dreams that the media makes your Ego believe you need, it would give better and healthier end results to fine- tune into what you really want or rather, what your Soul wants for you. Experiences that always have your best interest at heart. In all the media craziness the tendency is to follow what the personality seems to want. My daughter calls it the blindness and manipulation of capitalism. So  listen to your Soul’s agenda. To your higher wisdom, allowing it to guide you towards what you really need, in order to cultivate more love within. We know for sure that loving more, not less will bring us more peace, joy and feeling grateful and blessed, no matter the circumstances. Yes, it is totally Zen.

My voice has been my most loyal, toughest and the most important teacher of authenticity in my life. With it as my true companion I have been able to cultivate and develop a method based on my own experiences as a professional Opera singer, Reikimaster and therapist in a psycho synthesis based therapy. It has helped my to heal my own deep wounds on my journey; – it still is an ongoing process –  and enabled me to build a structure with my gift, my voice at the core, that I feel is my duty to share with you. A gift that gives you an opportunity to increase the quality of the most important thing, of becoming your own best friend. It can guide and help you to establish a relationship with yourself by mirroring your state of well being, all through your own sound. Use it as a sounding board, a guidance on your path to more love.

You might think that this journey that I am offering you is only for a Singer and loose me right here. But I can tell you that I have had so many joyful moments teaching people that have never ever sung in their lives, creating amazing Sounds that they never imagined they would be able to produce. And then were able to use in their own inner healing processes. Discovering their own unique sound opened up for them a totally new world and possibilities.

Learning a breathing technique that takes you into a deeper awareness of the self is in itself a major game changer. You will open Pandora’s box if you are not used to opening up and bringing light and love into all of your breathing containers. How much you are ready to open up that box is up to you! So just the breathing part will bring about waves of changes within.

And then connecting to your unique Sound as a continuation from the inhalation process, you will start expressing your inner landscape in ways that will make your heart sing!

By opening up all your breathing containers you will open the pathway to your higher wisdom and into your Soulflow. Your breathing, toning and singing will take you to another higher and deeper level. Through your pure, unique Sound on the wings of your breath and connection to your Soul, you will be able to release blockages, transform energy and heal yourself. And if your goal is singing as a soloist or in a choir, this focus will bring about a totally new space of freedom. Transform stage fright and perfectionism and bring much more joy into your performance.

What are the results from all of this, you might ask yourself. They are of course always up to you. You are your own creator. But I can tell you that if you have the courage to throw yourself into the deep end of the swimming pool and trust the flow, you will prosper!

While creating a special bond to your voice, you will open up a completely new venue for yourself and the possibility of manifesting your dreams. But most importantly you will deepen the relationship with yourself. Discover a path to an increased understanding of your needs resulting in an improved well being, changing your vibrations and thus how you radiate your energy. Furthermore,to be given the opportunity to use your loyal companion, your voice, to help you release and heal what does not serve you anymore. Your voice will always tell you the truth, be a true compass in life and mirror your state of being. You just need to listen! Give your Soul a Voice by embracing, embodying and expressing your needs, your emotional landscape, your dreams and purpose!

Come and join me!

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